Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Life: The worst hater to have!

Olka fay fay! 

What a terrible day? First thing this morning I had a doctors appointment. The PA asked me a lot of questions in a condescending tone (while belittling my illnesses at the same time) first time meeting him today and he won't even be my internal medicine doctor. So thanks for letting me know how insignificant my issues are in comparison to your vertigo in October that's now gone (that's a joke), but I apparently already have 5 different specialist who all think it's kind of a big deal that I have all these different things going on at once out of nowhere at age 24. This apparently made me cry for 2 hours, including 45 minutes infront of him in his doctors office (apparently I am THAT fragile right now, how embarrassing?).What is wrong with me? Decided to go up to highland/alpine to try to finish a little cleaning at my mother in laws. Stopped at the Bowcutt's after, where I had Marshall playing with Nali Bear and jumping in their pond (the one good thing today). Tried to drive back home and my car decides it wants to kill over on me. Finally made it home going 40 mph on the interstate getting off the exit and taking the back roads. Then, my dog ate my whole taco while I was using the bathroom.  Not that I was hungry or anything, but the fact that I'm now panicking he's going to get sick doesn't help this situation. I won't even mention some of my other current circumstances, and you can just imagine all the things that make you want to cuss happening at once, and that would be what it's like. Today can go back down to where it came from, seriously! Apparently I'm not allowed to do anything without being punished. While we are at it lets just pile on a couple more illnesses! If this my luck right now, I don't want to go back in for another biopsy. My life is a HATER right now! #Lifeishatinonme, You can laugh, but I can't right now! 

Love always,

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